Physics and Astronomy Demos

Physics & Astronomy Demos

Electricity & Magnetism Heat & Thermo Light Mechanics Particle Physics Sound & Waves
EA Electrostatics HA Temperature Scales Thermometers LA Laws of Reflection & Refraction, Huygen's Principle MA Vector Composition & Resolution PA Electrons, Cathode Rays SA Traveling Waves
EB Capacitance HB Thermal Expansion Stress LB Total Internal Reflection MB Particle Equilibrium PC Conduction SB Stationary Waves
EC DC Circuits & Instruments HC Mechanical Equivalent of Heat LC Refraction & Dispersion by Prism MC Friction PF Spectra SC Resonance
ED Seebek, Peltier, Thomson & Hall Effects HE Change of Phase LD Image Formation by Mirrors MD Equilibrium of Rigid Bodies PG Fluorescence SD Interference
EE Magnetic Fields about Magnets & Currents HF Transfer of Heat Conduction Convection Radiation LE Image Formation by Boundaries & Lenses ME Center of Gravity PL Crystal Structure SE Pitch, Quality, Intensity
EF Magnetic Forces & Torques HG Gas Laws Equation of State LF Chromatic & Spherical Aberration MF Motion With Uniform Acceleration PM Quantum Theory SF Waveforms, Effects of Harmonics
EH Induced EMF, Faraday's Law, Lenz's Law, Eddy Currents HH Freezing & Boiling LH Diffraction and Interference MG Newton's 2nd Law, Mass   SG Beats
EI Self-Inductance, Mutual Inductance HJ Humidity LI Polarization MH Universal Gravitation   SH Doppler Effect
EJ Transients HK Laws of Thermodynamics Processes LJ Color Production & Sensation MI Linear Momentum   SI Musical Intervals & Scales
EK Magnetic Properties of Matter, Hysteresis, Magnetic Circuit     MJ Centripetal Force    
EL AC Circuits, Motors & Generators, Transformer     MK Work, Energy, & Power    
EN Electromagnetic Waves     ML Linear Momentum    
      MM Rotation    
      MN Angular Momentum    
      MO Elasticity, Hooke's Law    
      MP Harmonic Motion    
      MQ Hydrostatics    
      MR Hydrodynamics    
      MS Surface Tension    
      MT Viscosity    

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